Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caravan Crazies

My husband and I have a long standing joke about spending our retirement traveling around in a RV. I don't want to. Either does he, but he likes to jokingly threaten me. However, if they were this cool, perhaps I could be convinced . . . 

After a day on the water, I could hang here.

I love this! Would drive you bonkers in a few weeks but the first couple of nights sleeping here would be blissful.
Very charming - I love the floor!

I remember these Chinese Lanterns hung out at backyard picnics from my childhood.

The "Hood"

Looks similar, although a tad brighter, to the Gypsy Caravan in the Wizard of Oz.

Cool modern.


You could always sell Lemonade off the back!

Check out more here.

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