Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Representing the West; A New Frontier

I'm honored to have been selected to be part of the upcoming juried art exhibit, "Representing the West; A New Frontier". I'll be exhibiting some of my encaustic art, including a piece from my recent "snow series." Sangre de Cristo Arts Center is an inspirational, educational, multi-disciplinary center for the arts accredited by the American Alliance of Museums located in Pueblo, Colorado, serving 17 counties.

New Year's Resolution Fuel Class!

Start fulfilling your New Year's resolution to be more
creative, fearless, experimental, and joyful!

It's a big order and all can be achieved by attending this Saturday's class at StudioC in Boulder. has said that dabbling is a great way to promote your creativity so we will briefly explore several encaustic techniques and then you choose which one you would like to focus on for the rest of the class.

Location:  StudioC, 4944 Pearl Street, #C, Boulder, Colorado 80301
Cost:  $85 includes all materials, mineral water & light appetizers
Sign-up:  Call 720.206.7325 ~ all major credit cards accepted

Refer a friend that joins the class & receive 10% off!

My New Art Website

I'm excited to finish my latest website exclusively for my art work!

Yes, technology evolves just as my work does. But, technology is winning and still waaay ahead of me. I know you are in the same boat, we all are, so I don't come down too hard on myself. I still have my original website, for my architectural and interior design; however, it's no longer up to date with recent projects. My second website created a few years ago,, encompasses both my design work and artwork, including some student work from my classes . . . although, that site is missing some of my older, and still important, design projects. Well, for now, I have a new art website featuring my encaustic art and as of this very moment, it is up to date!

Oh wait . . . I just finished a piece today that has not been photographed. Touche, technology! 
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