Get your art groove on, explore and expand your creative juices in a fun, relaxed, and non-competitive atmosphere ~ no art experience necessary! Join me in one or more of my upcoming creative classes that I will be teaching at my studio in the warehouse district of Boulder:

The Basics of Encaustic Stenciling
Tuesday, 23 June, 6-8:30 pm
Encaustic is an aromatic painting technique using a mixture of beeswax, resin and pigment which is kept molten on a heated palette and applied to an rigid surface. In this creative class we will explore several methods of stenciling incorporating typography, line and shape to creative a finished piece of artwork. $75 includes all materials.*

"An Altered Reality" :: Altered Books & Secret Lives
Wednesday & Thursday, 1 & 2 July, 6-8:30 pm
Altered Books is a mixed-media artwork that changes a book from its original form into a different form, altering its appearance and meaning. Altered book art is wide and vast with endless opportunities. This two evening class gives you the basics of how to approach a book project, teaches you the essentials of selecting the right type of book, removing pages to make space for art, cutting, and adhering new images. We will focus on utilizing the book's current text and images to reflect our own lives and learning how to make secret spaces for private stories. $150 includes an available book (you may also bring your own) basic supplies and images. A list of additional items that you may want to use and are free to bring only if you'd like will be supplied.

"Winey Women & Burying your Past" :: Encaustic Embedding Techniques
Wednesday, 8 July, 6-8:30 pm
Encaustic is an ancient art technique used for mummy portraits dating back to the 1st Century BC and has gained recent popularity in contemporary art, both figurative and abstract painting, as well as mixed media. Using an aromatic mixture of beeswax, resin and pigment, we will learn how to embed images, burying them deeper into the wax and then scraping back to reveal only what we chose. Bring a couple of copies of personal photos or items to embed into the artwork; old black and white photos, copies of birth certificates, and cherished correspondence help recreate your personal story. Bring your own wine if you'd like ~ proper glasses provided! $75 includes all supplies except personal images.*

*Still and bubble water are always supplied for free. Please feel at liberty to bring wine to any class if you are 21 or older.

LOCATION: StudioC ,4944C Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado  80304
HOW TO ENROLL: Email me: ~ or call 720.206.7325.