Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art Integration Website Resources

In order to for future elementary and secondary educators to generate arts integrated lessons, I researched about three dozen websites that had cross content and art integrated lesson plans. Most incorporate only one form of art so as educators we’ll need to combine lessons and/or expand the lessons on our own to incorporate more CRISPA aspects. I have separated the websites that I thought the most helpful in two categories. The first grouping contains sites that have easily navigable lesson plans ideas where you typically can put in a content area, such as math or science for instance, and then select an art form that you would like to integrate although some sites only have visual or language art integration and not music, theatre and dance. The second grouping is not a list of “go to” sites with an abundance of specific lesson plans, but nonetheless are valuable resources providing tips and strategies for art integration and multi-sensory education.

Group One ~ Lesson Plan Ideas

This is the website that was presented to us at DAM on Thursday.

As part of the national Art Education Association (NAEA), Artsonia is an online gallery of student artwork and lesson plans. You need to sign up for this site but it is free. You can also submit your own lesson plans to share in the Artsonia community.

Edutopia does offer ideas and lesson plans that also integrate dance, language and visual arts providing common core standards and objectives, as well as provide templates to create your own.

Education Closet
Education Closet is an easy to navigate site that has lesson plans that incorporate dance, music, drama, and visual arts as well as strategies and articles that can deepen your knowledge and understanding of art integration and its benefits.

Lesson Plans Page
Combine contents and grade to get several samples of lessons in most cases. The lessons that do come up are generally very thorough with objectives, instructions, materials and time needed, etc. Although not all of them are specifically aligned with the common core standards, many of them do specify the standards.

Arts Integration Grant
This site has many lessons that incorporate language and visual arts, music, dance, theatre into math, science social studies and history as well as other useful information.

Currently, there are 187 different lessons integrating theatre, dance, music, literary, media or visual arts to several other contents including physical education, technology and geography. The lessons are comprehensive providing an overview with learning objectives, preparation information, instruction steps, and standards included in the lesson.

Group Two ~ Art Integration & Multi-Sensory Resources

Mentioned by DAM presenter on Thursday, Artful Thinking is the Harvard developed program that believes incorporating works of visual art and music in curriculum strengthen student thinking and learning.

Arts Integration
A clean, easy site that offers research information on incorporating visual art, dance/movement and theatre/drama into education and offers templates for creating your own. However, the lesson plan samples portion is a bit thin.

A popular artists material resource site, Dick Blick also has hundreds of lessons although they are not specifically organized by cross content information. Rather this site can be used for general visual art ideas as well as artists materials to purchase.

This site costs $4.99 per month but claims to have over 400,000 lesson plans and new ideas for cross-curricular lessons.

Art21 is a PBS produced and broadcasted seven season series of art in the twenty-first century specifically created for educators. Educators' Guides support the use of contemporary art in classroom and community settings by empowering educators to explore the artists, ideas, and themes being explored in art today, and encouraging them to interpret these ideas for individual student needs. The Educators Guide and additional online content introduce opportunities for critical thinking and creative problem solving relevant to middle-school, high-school, and college students. The content can be easily adapted for younger or older groups. Guides include additional information about each of the artists, as well as Before Viewing, During Viewing, and After Viewing questions and suggestions for hands-on activities. These suggestions are interdisciplinary and support various subject areas, including the Visual and Performing Arts, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

MoMa (Museum of Modern Art)
Download and customize slide shows, worksheets, and other resources for use in the classroom or for independent study of famous artists and works of art and the themes they explored. This is a site to use as a resource and ideas but does not contain lesson plans.

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