Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DIY Wood Palette Transformations

This is a reprint of a post from 7 years ago ~ but, still so reverent, if even more so, today as reclaimed and distressed wood have become even more popular since then. I've added a link to Sawshub where you can get more information on DIY wood projects.

I have thought for years that it is a waste of wood palettes only to be used to lift "better" product via the forklift. Surely this workhorse item, breaking its back day after day, month after month, year after year, could be recognized for more than its eternal functionality and outward awkwardness? An ugly duckling of sorts that blossoms into its gorgeous, understated personality. A mere glimpse at others' transformation on Les Bulles de Miluccia's blog had me running to our garage looking for leftover items to create my own palette beauty.

With cool outdoor furniture being way too expensive for our budget right now (thus deemed unnecessary), I set out to create an "unnecessary" but very much wanted (by me) cocktail table for our backyard stone terrace. And keeping with the DIY attitude of our yard (my husband slaved over setting the heavy flagstone pavers for both a front and back terrace last summer), my idea for a palette table fit right in. My goal was to purchase as little as possible to make our new terrace table. I used the free wood palette that I acquired, four leftover 4" wheels from a chrome wire Costco shelving unit, and eight 20" lengths of Tigerwood leftover from the construction of our deck two years ago. I purchased a 3' x 4' sheet of galvanized metal ($20) and a few dozen stainless wood nails and screws (about $10 total) to put the whole thing together. Here is my final result ~ which I am thrilled with, I must say! As well as the inspiration that got me there.

So, what will you make this summer?
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Once you look past the fact that I need to do a little bit of weeding, you can see that it's a pretty cool table.
Detail ~ isn't the Tigerwood gorgeous?
The original inspiration

Sand the palette as necessary to keep splinters from the kiddos.

Cut apart a palette for quick and easy shelving with character.


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