Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Two sizes of paper (Tyvek perhaps?) pendants at $49.99 & $89.99
Stainless Steel decorative bowl; $19.99 reduced from last year's price of $29.99
Yes, finally IKEA has come to Colorado ~ and many a people are excited, including myself. I went last week only six days after the grand opening knowing it was still going to be crowded; I just couldn't help myself. But, I did go armed with the catalog earmarked for the items I was going to buy that day.  This was not a day to browse; I was on a mission. I bought a duvet cover and pillowcases along with a coordinating throw for our son's room, two ice cube trays that make ice cube "sticks", six vases, and three tea towels ~ ALL FOR $52.14!!! (Yes, that includes tax and, yes, that is worthy of exclamation points.)

I think we all realize that their product is not superior quality level. Their kitchens are not meant to last a lifetime, their towels not thick and plush like enviable Turkish counterparts. But their design is good, functional, and for the money, OUTSTANDING.

These are some of my favs:

I love cowhide because it is so graphic. This footstool doubles as a comfortable seat due to it's ergonomic "dip" ~ a great price at $279.

Floor standing mirrors have long been a favorite of mine; I wish I had space in my living room for them.  This orange stained wide wood framed one offers more punch for those who see orange as a neutral color like my sister-in-law. And nobody can beat $129!
A queen sized duvet and two pillowcases for $19.99? Believe it. The fabric is a bit on the thin side  but any duvet will  need to be replaced after a few years of constant use anyway. I bought a black and wide striped throw to go with this ($19.99 for acrylic throw) and am pairing it with blood red sheets and pillowcases.
79 cents apiece. Need I say more?
At $14.99 per candlestick, this is probably the most expensive item for what it is. 14 1/4" tall, it comes in both pink and blue ~ hand lacquered mouth blown glass.
I have found in the past IKEA's upholstered furniture to be rather stiff and uncomfortable. I have not sat in this Kivik sofa but it is very clean lined and modern looking. I definitely recommend sitting in the actual product before purchase because even at $399 for a 80" sofa, it needs to be reasonably comfortable.
Several fun ice cube trays at $1.99 each. The best part? They actually come out because the trays are flexible silicone.

99 cents for plastic Vallo watering cans. Comes in lime, pink, and magenta as well as black and white shown.

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