Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wild & Crazy World of Architecture

At the elementary school where I am currently student teaching, I was asked to teach an after school class on architecture. The class is comprised of ten kids ranging in age from 2nd to 5th grade. After chatting briefly about their interest in architecture I showed them a quick Prezi presentation on some unconventional architecture for inspiration. Various well- and lesser-known architects' work was featured as well as some finalists from a futuristic skyscraper competition. This really got them excited. For our first project, the kids sketched a cityscape from their imagination based upon the style of James Rizzi from a lesson plan that I found here. Due to their different developmental stages and interests, I gave them a bit more freedom of choice in their colors and design elements than this lesson indicates. A few completed the project so we'll finish up this week and move on to other elements of an architect's job. Here are the completed ones:

At work on their projects:

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