Thursday, March 31, 2011

What To Do with All of Those Seashells Found on Vacation

Unable to resist gathering up loads of seashells during our beach vacations, we were left with our holiday mementos gathering dust amongst our son's bedroom. Determined not to waste the earth's precious little gems once again, last year we created a picture frame out of all of the shells that holds a photo of the three of us on the beach. We have just returned from Florida with another large bag of seashells. This time I've looked for other ways to pay homage to our holiday.

Most shells are no longer pristine and intact. This is a fun way to utilize the  many shells well worn into rings.

Gather many oyster and clam shells and thread jute through the "wings" and lie across your outdoor table to help prevent the table cloth from blowing away.

If you are totally enamored with seashells you can buy them. They are quite inexpensive and probably in much better shape than most you'll find on the shore. Remember to lay out your design prior to glue gunning them in place.

This is a simple alternative to filling in every square inch of the frame's face as in the example above. Just glue down a single row of similar shells allowing the wood of the frame to be exposed.

This time I purposely looked for shells with a small hole in them so I can string them into a bracelet or necklace. Once it's complete, I'll post a picture of the final design.

To see more ideas and get full details on the projects above, visit Country Living online here.

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