Friday, May 13, 2011

Barn Doors as . . . Doors

I don't remember exactly when I began to love the look of barn doors for something other than . . . well, just a barn. I got the opportunity to use one in a project where it it was the perfect fit; a modern interpretation of a barn door that separated a bedroom and bathroom creating a private personal space for a business partner that came to town occasionally to stay at the others partner's private home/office. But that was over ten years ago and contemporary looking barn door hardware was hard to come by. No, I never took a photo of the project, unfortunately. But, here are a few that I've come across lately that I like.

I'm not sure where I found this! But, it is my favorite. I love the old blue paint.
Via Menchant Design Blog
I like the hardware the most in these. It looks almost Gothic. Via Ideas to Steal.
The most traditional looking of all of them, it truly has more of a barn look. Via Pinterest.

If you're looking for nice barn hardware, it is pretty easy to find. Here are some websites:

If you're looking for help in integrating a barn door into your design, contact me: Visit my website for other designs.

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