Tuesday, May 24, 2011

skateboards for fun

My stepson wants us to create a skateboard together this summer. He has already designed it - it's a barnyard theme. It started out as a design only - not for riding. It is now undecided if he will actually use this board or just hang it on his wall as a piece of art. (I vote for art.)

Looking for skateboard decks brought me across these pages by photograper Lou Mora. And while looking for more, I came across laptop and iphone skins! Just for fun, take a look at all the funky graphics.

Funky boards photographed by Lou Mora
Via Lou Mora

Most designs are done on the backside of the boards. Designs on the top need to be grippy so grip tape is used. The colors are limited, though.The above four pics are competition winners and are nice despite their single color. Via
I just bought a hot pink skin by HardCandy. But, now I think I like this much more! Go here to purchase ~ and see more.




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