Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Street Art Invades the Home

From Louis Vuitton's graffiti collection, to Banksy's humorous nighttime tags, and now Jimmie Martin's wallpaper, furniture, and other home accessories, graffiti and street art have made their way to mainstream design. Well, almost. Perhaps a bit more accepted in fashion, which seems to change daily and contradicts itself within not only the same fashion magazine, but within the same issue (are wide legged pants and bell bottom "in" or "out"? I'm choosing "in" as they balance the "out" of my butt these days). LV's scrawling text was first introduced way back in 2001 and I immediately coveted the white text Keepall knowing that I would consider it a classic piece for years to come. But with the $2,000+ price tag, I knew the initial outlay would keep the duffel from ever gracing my shoulder despite my price-per-wear approach to purchases. I still think it is the perfect, classic, funky piece. Here it is in the smaller Speedy 30:

Not quite perfect, but still very cool are the orange Keepall and the hot pink Speedy 30 bags that I found online:

Now, Jimmie Martin has brought the street art inside.

Wallpaper available through Jimmie Martin
The Perfect Buffet

Various Jimmie Martin pieces
Soon, I'll post some more images of Jimmie Martin's and photographer and partner, Rick Schultz's "temporary" apartment as they hunt for a permanent home to purchase.

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