Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horse Comfort

I've been missing. It's been about two and a half weeks since I've last posted. We had a great three weeks in Poland and The Czech Republic and I will be posting more about our trip soon.

But, right now I am recuperating from my foot surgery three days ago and have not had much energy. So, I am just posting images of one of my favorite animals; horses. They are magnificent creatures. I love their look, the gear, the riding clothes . . . even the smell. My husband says that I lose all sense of design and taste when it comes to horses. The tackiest painting will look wonderful to me if it has a horse on it. He has more than once stopped me from making a bad purchase! But, I think the first set of images from photographer, Ditte Isager, are gorgeous. I think my sense of design and taste are still intact. What do you think?

Photos via Ditte Isager
The next prints are available through My Sparrow. I found them through the elegant blog, Greige.

Big, bold, black & white and I love it! Robert Dutesco's over sized print via Elle Decor.

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  1. I agree with you, and I feel the same way about greyhounds!


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