Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Mountains of Southeastern, Poland

Our trip to the mountains was supposed to be filled with hours of hiking amongst the old hills. The rain had other ideas for us. Looking for alternative excursions, we drove through many tiny towns (much of this region has two people per square kilometer compared to the Polish average of 120 per square kilometer) visiting a church and an old flour mill in Czarna, then on to the dam in the lakes district.

Our first stop was the small, wooden, Greek Orthodox church. It still had the original icons (religious paintings on wood) as a large part of the alter that were in incredible condition. Over many years the church was very tolerant, welcoming many Christian religions to worship together.

The church bells were typically located outside on the ground.
Detail of the interior wood walls. They glowed.
The next photos of the lakes district are not over exposed or unclear. It's the rain that is "clouding" over. This morning, you could see the rain as "waves" in the sky. Most of the day, it was a constant heavy mist. Later, when you thought it just couldn't rain anymore, it rained harder.

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