Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunsets for Rafał

Our family is mourning the loss of Rafał. Much more than just a cousin to my husband, Rafał was usually referred to by Marcin as his brother. With both of their fathers being brothers and both of their mothers being sisters, they shared a unique lineage as well as other physical and emotional characteristics.

These beautiful photos of Lake Sinclair in Michigan were taken by a childhood friend, Dave Denner. Dave is one of those rare folks who actually appreciate the best that his physical surroundings has to offer. He captures the stillness . .  the quietness . . . the beauty . . . of the water that I miss so much.

So, I dedicate this post of the water that I miss so much to the man that we shall miss so much more. Rafał, you left us much too soon, my friend.

Thank you, Dave.

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