Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink - Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year
Pantone, THE God of color, has announced the color for the new year; Honeysuckle. More than 45 years ago, the company created a color matching system for print that has since sold its concept to other color-critical industries, including digital technolody, fashion, home decor, architecture and paint. 

Personally, I've loved pale pink for decades. Perhaps because it goes so well on my already pinkish skin which my schoolmate, Jim McKillip, pointed out to me in the fourth grade.  My hand was raised to answer a question when Jim blurted out with quiet astonshment, "You're skin is so . . . so . . . pink." The feelings of being somewhat off-colored faded by my late teens when I finally embraced my - apparently - too baby-like tone.

Via Pantone

Via Pantone

A pinkish red, Honeysuckle may be a bit difficult to sell to your clients, whether they be a couple looking to update their living room or a small start-up business looking for a graphic identity program. So, I've found some ways to perhaps sneak the color in even if it's only temporary.

Our tree is already decorated, finished with red and cream colored bows. But this might be a  finishing touch that I'll try next year. Via

Now, the next three I could live with. The pink tones in all three of these rooms are balanced with a basically monochromatic backdrop.

Elegant Feminity {Via}

The pink helps soften the modern edge. {Via}

Pink lends a sophisticated and unexpected element in what otherwise is a home filled with modern rusticity. {Via} at Fuji Files
One simple lamp packs enough punch  and personality to fully represent the color of 2011! {Via}

And if all else fails, you can just mail your invoice in a bright pink envelope.

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To find out how to incorporate your color, contact me.

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