Monday, December 27, 2010

Simply Magical
I am simply in awe of snow and snowflakes. The way a snow bank glistens and sparkles like a mountain of crushed diamonds seems just too magical to be real. The fact that no two snowflakes are alike does not amaze me; but that they are tiny, intricate and incredible pieces of Nature's art does. In 2003, Japanese photographer, Yuji Obata was compelled to photograph winter scenes in Japan and finally became fascinated with the unique challenge of photographing snowflakes. Obata was obsessed with the challenge of doing something no one had done before ~ in his case, photographing snowflakes in freefall rather than on a flat surface without digital or any other manipulation. He captures the miniature miracles beautifully.  

All images and more can be seen here on the Danzigner Projects.

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