Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turning Useless into Useful
El Dorado Architects were given a challenge to add a playroom, a bedroom and storage to an existing house without adding existing space or modifying the home's volume. How did they solve this challenge? By smartly utilizing unused space that existed above the garage and in an attic. Maintaining the overall form and character of the existing house was required by local architectural review board regulations. Their solution results in a complimentary contemporary aesthetic of expansive glazing and subtle detailing.
The now useful space gently juts out from the garage visually tying into the stairs and handrail below with matching  wood. 

The subtle contemporary detailing of the metal wide mesh handrail and translucent panels of the new playroom deck blends well with the simple lines of the existing home.
The wood floors, walls and ceiling create a simple contemporary aesthetic that is continued outside.
Built-in bookshelves provide storage for the play area which will be useful for other purposes as the kids grow.
An uplifting but mellow citrus color lines the walls of the staircase.
All photos via El Dorado Architects, Kansas City, MO.

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