Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Chalkboard Paint
For years and years, I've wanted to have chalkboard walls. More than anything, I just love the look of the matte, dark gray. At my first job out of college, I tried to incorporate chalkboard walls into a project, any project, and would have if I had been able to find anything other than premanufactured typical school boards. I've never put them in any of my own homes; it just hasn't fit into the design and layout. Now, chalkboard walls are easily attained with the simple stroke of your brush using chalkboard paint. Many years after my first search, chalkboard walls are quite mainstream. Even West Elm put chalkboard walls on their latest catalog cover and ELLE Decoration South Africa is coming out with a large wall in a kitchen. But what hasn't been explored and used nearly as much are colored chalkboards. Hudson Paint has about the widest variety of fun, hip colors that show tons of promise for future interiors.


  • In order for the dark gray chalkboard walls to work, balance them with plenty of other light colored surfaces.
  • Make them functional! Put them in a location where you'll put them to work such as in the kitchen to write grocery lists, family notes, or just fun doodles!

The neutrals first:


Annaleena's own home via her blog, HEM

Annaleena's own painted painting and painted animals. Via her blog, HEM

Via Jake Curtis, Photographer

Via M Comme Maison

Via Vintage & Morrhar blog

Hudson Paint Colors and Ideas:

Hudson Paint Color Palette
Tivoli Bread and Baking Company via Hudson Paint
A child's room via Hudson Paint


  1. oooh, I hadn't known they make this paint in colors! Am considering using this paint on some old doors, or maybe on one of the walls in the side entry way (hubby and I could leave notes to each other).

    Thanks for the idea!


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