Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Weekend Funnies: Dog Glasses

Yes, there are such things! I came across this hilarious photo by Julia Brokow on A Cup of Jo's blog. It reminded me of my dearly beloved dog who has since passed, Taylor (aka, Taylor the Junk Yard Dog, Taylor-boy, Taylor-dog, Super Dog). He, too, was a very serious and tolerant black lab. Taylor had many sensitivities, one of them being his eyes. He, along with his brother, Sebastian (aka, Saint Sebastian of Littleton, Sebaninski, Sabbie) accompanied me in the intense Colorado sunlight for hours on end at many horse shows with my equestrian boutique, HorseSportif. I actually found some dog sunglasses by Doggles but Taylor wanted no part of that. He didn't like the lovely (and expensive) Burberry coat I bought him either. I guess he just wanted to be a dog.

I love the serious look on his/her face. And so patient, sitting there while the picture is taken!
These puppies are learning at a young age to put up with such human craziness. Via Doggles

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