Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Cooper Car Wraps

I love the Mini Cooper. My husband does not. He thinks it looks like a piece of Tupperware on wheels. But, I think they are cute and sporty without being intimidating or pretentious. The dashboard is my favorite part of the design. It seems to be fashioned after the dash of a classic single engine airplane.

A few years ago while in the market for a new car, the Mini Cooper was one of my front runners up there with the new VW Beetle and the Toyota Prius. I really wanted one. You could get the British flag image on the roof! The Prius looked like a Pit Bull, not one of my favorite dogs. But it touted the best gas mileage available. I couldn't really afford the British flag roof option but I could afford the black and white finish line flags printed on the side mirrors - cool! But, my stepson could barely fit in the Mini's back seat. Large dogs, which I hope to get again one day, would never be comfortable. Consumers Report listed the Prius's maintenance ratings much higher than the Mini Cooper. In the end, I decided upon the more sensible Prius.

I like my Prius well enough but I still look longingly at the cute Minis zipping around town. And now that Cool Hunter is soon coming out with full body car wraps for the Mini Cooper, my jealousy, which I thought was dissipating, has just jumped a few notches!

Since the Prius has been a very popular car the last few years I'm hoping that Cool Hunter will soon offer a Prius wrap. I would definitely buy one. Are you listening Cool Hunter?

All photos via Access Agency. Check out other designs to be available at their website here.


  1. argh! (sigh)

    Maybe I need to paint my '95 Chevy Lumina.

  2. Not to mention that your sister in law could barely fit in full stop


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