Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eco-Cliff: Revolutionary Design for a Great Cause
The Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition is drawing a lot of buzz in the design world, attracting innovators from all over the globe.  A team of designers recently shared a fascinating proposal.  Their idea for an Eco-Cliff- a Jack-in-the-Beanstalk type structure that would serve as a nesting ground to thousands of migrating birds- sparked my imagination. 
Equipped with a photovoltaic cell system, ecological recycling, and water treatment facilities, this inventive structure would be self-sustaining.  The revolutionary design- a rigid frame wrapped in a cocoon of nets and steel cables- leaves the structure open to the elements, providing habitat for the many different animals and species of the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve Zoo.  The tower’s perforated design is a real eye-opener, allowing natural light, rainwater, and fresh air to penetrate the structure.  Ingrained vegetation will create a sort of micro- eco-system within the Eco-Cliff so the birds and critters feel right at home.  I wouldn’t mind living there myself- it would be like living in a tree-house.  My kudos to designers Hila Davidpu, Hofi Harari, Eli Gotman and Tal Gazit for letting your imaginations run wild and creating this high-rise sanctuary.  Best of luck- the Eco-Cliff just got MY vote!

Floor Plan

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