Friday, November 26, 2010

My Christmas Wish List . . . 

When I was young, my older sister and I used to pour over the toys in the Sears catalog for months and months before Christmas, dreaming about all of the fabulous presents we'd love to awake to on Christmas morning. Each day we would go over every page making sure that we didn't miss an important detail that may move one toy up on the list above another. Elaborate dollhouses, mini motorized vehicles, and massive Erector Sets; most were way beyond the means of a family of six on an extremely limited budget. But, it was the dreaming that we enjoyed, so much so that one present we wanted was the Sears catalog! The "window shopping" and fantasizing about all of the toys was magical despite the knowledge that they would never be sitting under our tree.

So, this is my adult Christmas wish list. Even though some are frivolous, too expensive, and just not necessary, it's the dreaming that I enjoy.

Tom Dixon "Beat" light fixtures. Inspired by water carrying vessels, the hand beaten brass ages naturally, creating a patina black external surface in contrast to the warm golden interior. Completely contemporary, but with a sense of history. Via

Granite mortar & pestle. Marble is too smooth for seeds but steer clear of granite that is too pitted as food particles can imbed in the side. Via Temple of Thai.

Not a purse replacement but a bag to transport a few extras. Via My Sparrow.

The best bear ever is always the Golden Bear in Vail. I've coveted this sculptural bracelet for well over 15 years. Unfortunately, it's almost doubled in price since then. Via The Golden Bear.

Again, the Bear. It's the chain that makes this one special. Via The Golden Bear.

Darling chalet slippers from my other favorite Vail store, Gorsuch.

I have a ski helmet. But, this gorgeous helmet by Bogner has the classic design of a fine automobile. Similar price tag, too! Via Gorsuch.

NOMA Restaurant was rated the best restaurant IN THE WORLD this year. Chef Rene Redzepi shares some of his best recipes with gorgeous photos. Via

Lena Christiansen's hand hammered oxide sterling silver necklace looks sexy with the open blouse. But, seriously, how does this work in real life? No matter, I can probably make something similar for a fraction of the price. Gorgeous regardless. Via Lena Christiansen.

After all these years, I do remember the one item that always topped my Sears list, year after year:  the ski-bike. About ten years ago, Vail Resort started offering ski-bike rentals for a nighttime cruise down the mountain, equipped with a headlamp. In our litigious society, I'm surprised that something that seems even remotely dangerous as racing down a wooded mountain under the cover of dark is offered at a large resort as Vail. Or perhaps, ski-bikes are just not as exciting as I had imagined them to be all these years.

Maybe I should add a a ride on the seated ski to my Wish List and fulfill a childhood fantasy.


  1. ooooh...nice! Love the gold bears! You should get one this year before they go up in price again. ;-)


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