Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Kind of Camping

I enjoy camping for the most part. Being outside, hiking, communing with nature, cooking over an open fire . . . but, I don't like piling the van high with every conceivable item our small family of three may need, I dislike not being able to get thoroughly clean for days on end, and I do not like to be cold while trying to sleep. There's something that feels inherently wrong about trying to recreate an indoor kitchen outside when it's not a convenient setup such as your own backyard. Washing and drying dishes after a meal just seems wrong, as if I should not be allowed any utensils at all. But the alternative to that, freeze dried food, is just not a option (I mean, come on, are you kidding me?) Besides, I think you still need utensils; I suspect that you don't just tear open the foil package and pour the contents into your mouth. And, I like to eat good food, real food.
So, I've discovered a wonderful balance: "Glamming" - glamorous camping. The right amount of rigorous outdoor activity, the preferred method of socializing with strangers (during a meal enjoyed in a common eating room or restaurant and not while washing my pits over the women's sink), whilst still being close to the elements, but within a protective {and cozy warm} cocoon.

The Whitepod resort is a unique eco-tourism concept that won't betray your vow to reduce your carbon footprint allowing you to be as "green" as you possibly can without totally roughing it - i.e., no digging the minimum 6" deep "personal toilet". Nestled high in the charming village of Les Cerniers of the Swiss Alps, it strives for a low-impact, resort-like accommodations that minimizes water and electricity usage, reduces waste production, while favoring the use of renewable resources and increasing awareness of the guests. Spend the day skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, or even dog-sledding, then relax with dinner and drinks at the community chalet {fraternizing appropriately} or massages at the spa. 

While "ghetto camping" doesn't appeal to me, I've never experienced TRUE camping - hiking and roughing it in the back country. And, although the thought of my rugged, out-doorsey husband relieving his pack and sweaty shirt from his broad shoulders is very appealing, I'm not positive how I would fare out there in the wilderness for several days. Not a pansy girl prone to complaint, I desire the experience, if only once. But, the Whitepod resort is certainly a camping trip I know I could do again and again.

All images courtesy of Whitepod Resort.

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  1. Ahh camping! I first tried it at Camp Atterbury, in the winter of 1952. Only then we called it bivouac, and it came at the end of a 20 mile forced march, with full 80 pound pack, including an M-1 rifle! So I set up my tiny pup tent, and crawled inside into my uninsulated sleeping bag. I was freezing, so I took my helmet to the mess tent, filled it with hot coals and hung it in my tent for a little warmth. ( The next morning the lieutenant asked me why my helmet looked like it had been in a fire?) That was my experience in camping!
    So that's why I never took you kids camping. I built a chalet instead. And if you kids wanted to camp out, you could do it in the boat, or driveway, while I slept inside, in a warm bed!

  2. That's pretty good. My kind of camping is the hammocks on the balconies of the Las Brisas hotel in Ixtapa...grin...blush.

  3. Yes - sometimes staying at the Holiday Inn is like camping; definitely need better digs!


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