Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Holiday to Remember:  Celebrating Turkey Day in Style!
Guest Blogger, Molly Childers
This year, celebrate Thanksgiving in style.  Whether you’re having a big family gathering or a quiet dinner party with a few friends, you want your home to reflect the warmth and abundance of this harvest season.  Hosting a fall get-together?  You’re sure to find some great ideas here.  Here are a few links to my favorite ideas for festive fall décor… 

Decorate the front door with this festive fall garland using dried Indian corn:

Via Martha Stewart

You can also create a wreath for the door to welcome guests inside with vibrantly colored fall leaves.  
Check out the photos and directions online at Martha Stewart

Celebrate the harvest with a simple garland of decorative gourds:

Hang inside or out . . . Via
To get directions to make this simple gourd garland, go to this link at Martha Stewart

As you prepare for the holidays this year, take a few minutes to count your blessings.  What are you thankful for?  Here are a few original ideas for centerpieces to grace your holiday table. 
Share messages of gratitude with your guests in a new way-a tree full of blessings!  This easy-to-make centerpiece is sure to be a hit.  

Better Homes and Gardens has the easy directions for this colorful "thankful" centerpiece: BHG

Show your yen for adventure with a centerpiece made from a recycled globe- here’s how!
Don't throw that broken globe away! Get the link here.

For an elegant touch, use a white pumpkin for a centerpiece with a variety of natural elements, as shown here:


And a few ideas for creative napkin rings:

Simple idea: tuck a fall leaf into a ribbon wrapped napkin. Via
Linen rolled napkins with a touch of color. Via
A simple wheat shock and name tag personalizes your placesettings. Via

What appealed to me most this year was simplicity and elegance.  We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional fashion- choosing instead to create a meaningful occasion in our own way.  I encourage you to do the same.  Make the holiday your own.   
I have a friend who hates to cook- but loves to throw parties.  Every year, she and her hubby host a big potluck Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.  It’s a great time- and she doesn’t have to cook! 
Sick of traditional holiday grub like turkey and stuffing?  Why not change it up?  Instead of a big turkey dinner, we hosted a roll-your-own sushi party last year.   It was so much fun we’re making it a new tradition!  In years previous, we’ve celebrated Turkey Day while camping out in the desert and high in the mountains.  One year, we even cooked our turkey dinner on a houseboat at Lake Powell!  But no matter where we found ourselves, we were always in good company.  We’ve been fortunate enough to share our Thanksgiving feast with many good friends along the way- a blessing, indeed!
To read more of Molly, go to her two blogs:  Stealing Plums or Addictive Fiction

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