Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming Up for Air . . . and Hope to Stay

Life was a bit topsy-turvey the last few months. Sad passings of close family members, foot surgery, and unexpected travel took precedent in our lives. But, as often with tragedies and challenges, the opportunity for a renewed sense of appreciation and a stronger will to create a life that is more nurturing also comes. "Shedding the crap", if you will.

So, I'm unsure of just how my blog may evolve. I do want a place to catagorize my design inspiration; this achieves that fairly well. It does keep me better connected to design that I'm interested in and it creates easier pathways for exploration. It may pick up where I left off . . . I'm not sure. I want to allow myself the freedom to see where I may go.

With that, I will just begin with an interior and graphic project that I find so happily appealing. The photos have been hanging out on my desktop for at least three months. It's colorful graphics draw its inspiration from late 19th and early 20th century Mexican design. Cielito Querido Cafe was designed by Esware in collaboration with Ignacio Cadena.

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