Friday, November 4, 2011

My Current Inspiration

We are  s l o w l y  able to work on changes to our house. In the first couple of years here, in our wonderful, beautiful, little slice of the foothills in Boulder, we did quite a bit to the house . . . and there was much to be done. My husband worked very hard from patching in the crawl space (and this is not pretty crawl space that is all visqeened covered and flat. We're talking about bumpy, rock hard, spider-ridden, strewn with rusted beers cans from the yahoos who built the house kind of crawl space) to building lovely dry-stack rock walls and terraces. So, we have gotten a lot of the immediate maintenance issues completed and have moved on to updating. (Don't get me wrong; there are still more maintenance issues but we have made a dent . . . )

Which brings me to my current path. A path that I've long been working towards in my mind. One that I have not quite communicated to my husband because we haven't had the money to do much more than necessities . . . so why bother? I want to leave my design options open, right? You never know, I may veer slightly off my path once we have money to create my path. But, I am generally steadfast in my goals for the house. And those are to de-clutter, visually organize the space with monochromatic colors, and create a clean, modern sensibility that nods softly to a "mountain home" while still be inviting and cozy. One way to create an inviting and cozy interior within a monochromatic color scheme is to have varying textures, both natural and organic, highlighted with hard edged metal.

The next step in updating and "visually de-cluttering" the house is to paint the interior. The walls need it desperately, the doors and trim even more. So, the following photos that I've had for awhile (of which I don't know where I found any so cannot give credit; bad, bad, bad me) are my inspiration. Not literal interpretations, just an inspiration of tones, general mood, and textures.

And one other thing. My husband is afraid of dark walls and white furniture (which I quickly remind him is not white, it's off white).

Are you listening, Love?

Can you tell that I'm kind of a gray-green kind of gal?

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