Sunday, September 26, 2010

I admit it, I'm Flighty

I'm not ready to let summer go. Yes, I know, I should revel in the rustling leaves, cool breezes and look forward to wearing the dozens of sweaters that stack my closet shelves; soft cashmere, vintage Ralph Lauren and Nanny's - my English grandmother - hand knit originals that I can't bear to part with. But, Boulder is not ready for Fall yet, either, I realized as I lay upon the deck chaise pulled under the shade of a tree. Listening to birds chirp in the afternoon heat reaching almost ninety degrees, I was having capricious thoughts of installing a lap pool wedged into the side of the mountain next to our home (that won't be too expensive, will it?). And then I can wake in the morning, sink into the cool water as the birds sing around me.

But, the birds are not long for this Indian Summer, I'm afraid. My only flights of fancy are these bird motif gems that I found on Save-On-Crafts, a wonderful resource not only for the professional party planner or gift wrapper, but someone flighty like me.

A pretty way to present presents, a pretty way to deposit your personals.
I'm recommending that my client (my sister!) purchase these to deposit mail, keys and other small personal effects.

Wood crate with twelve speckled natural quail eggs.

35" high metal easel and bird detail.
Whimsical paper covered guest books by Rag & Bone.

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