Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Dance!
The "Family Style" kitchen combining new and used cabinets, salvaged granite and French doors to each the bedroom and office, and several other Craig's List purchased equipment, fixtures and furniture.
100+ year old wood floors were restored beautifully. Dvora's tango art adorns the walls of the combined dance studio and art gallery.
The master bath which boasts a "wet room" including both the shower and bathtub and an operable window for an overall larger feel and an natural ventilation.
They met on the dance floor . . . and the idea for Casa Tango was born. When Dvora Kanegis and Steve Keefer purchased a property with an interesting past, they had a dream. The couple envisioned an artistic, inviting home where friends and family could gather. They also hoped to create a place for tango dancers to learn, dance, interact and feel like part of the family. It was also extremely important to them to leave the smallest footprint possible on the earth while creating the home of their dreams.

Working together, we renovated the 100-year-old former bar and dance hall, creating a sustainable home equipped not only with green technologies but salvaged and repurposed materials, fixtures and components. The space combines a 1,500 square foot residence with an equal amount of commercial space, carefully crafted to meet the couple's needs as a combined painting and tango studio, workshop, gallery, and office. Dvora and Steve salvaged materials in this renovation and scoured Craig's List and ebay to find what they needed for this unique project.

Although this Salida showplace is still on the grid with city electricity available, it is self-sufficient. We had geo-thermal and solar panels installed and used sustainable practices when renovating this structure. Radiant heat warms the residence on those chilly Colorado nights, while the studio is heated and cooled by a geo-thermal system. It boasts one full bath, a 3/4 bath, and a 1/2 bath as well - perfect for guests. Each one comes equipped with low flow toilets and shower heads, all found on Craig's List.

We refurbished the original wood floors in the studio; demolished studs and other wood in the existing structure was converted into wood chips, to be used for landscaping the exterior. Nothing was taken to a landfill - we sold, re-used, or recycled everything taken from the house.

In order to help with water conservation, Dvora used xeriscape plants like Siberian Pea Plants, Juniper, and Canadian Choke Cherry. These plants are low-maintenance, very hardy, and they can survive with little water, making them a natural choice for the environmentally conscious homeowners. With a little love - and the right designer - this hall is ready to move to the music once again!

To view more photos of this mixed-use project visit designhouse's website and look for Casa Tango under "portfolio>residential."
For more information of Casa Tango's builder, please visit Maysvilles Builders.

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