Friday, September 17, 2010

Now, that's Livin' off the Land! 
It’s been a busy summer.  One of my newest projects is creating a master plan for a client in Salida, Colorado, who wants to create a sustainable living center.  They hope to host seminars on many aspects of sustainable living at the five-acre site, and are planning to garden and raise chickens.  I’m currently researching different types of greenhouse construction for this project. 
Ellyn Hillard, of Twelve Ways Healing Center , directed me to the website Ellyn, who grows many of her own fruits and vegetables, uses a Growing Spaces Geodesic Dome to supply clients with the freshest produce and juices year-round.  Even tough-to-grow foods like citrus fruits, avocados, and artichokes can thrive in a geodesic dome.  Imagine picking a ripe, juicy orange in the middle of winter!  With a geodesic dome, sustainable fresh produce is at your fingertips!  Talk about livin’ off the land- in style!
 To learn more about Ellyn and the Gerson Juicing Method visit

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