Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is this?

Hmm . . . what is this? A funny felt hat?
I came across this odd item in an article that my sister sent to me. It looked like a funny felted hat. Since the article was on the increase of bedbugs in hotel rooms, I thought that there was some mistake. But, no mistake, it is an extreme close-up of a bedbug. I still see some sort of felted hat with an orange Kermit on top, knitting, and it made me think about the odd felted items that I've come across lately that I've posted below.

Cow Vessel by Lori Flood
This felted cow vessel. Kind of fun. Whimsical.

Plucked Chicken by Stephanie Metz
This felted chicken with human-like legs. Kind of odd. Kind of scary.

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