Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ultra Cool Looking Products . . . 

The "Ciclotte" via, Photo by Christian Stoll
. . . and at $10,700 you've got to be ultra rich to be able to throw down that kind of money on this stationary exercise bike designed by Luca Schieppati. Yes, an exercise bike. Look closely; those devil horns are actually handles. Although, if you can fit comfortably on that seat you probably don't need to lose any weight due to it's minuscule size, its combination of steel, carbon and glass fiber are sure to support the heftiest of frames. But, you cannot deny it, it is beautiful. It is so ultra cool looking that it is now part of Milan’s Triennale Design Museum permanent collection. Now stop staring in awe at its sexy minimalist design wondering where your money went and get on and start peddling!
The Dyson's Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan via
At $299.99 for a table top version to $449.99 for the pedestal style, these  fans are pricey but don't break the bank. According to, the "Air Multiplier" technology draws in air and amplifies it – from 15 to 18 times, depending on the model. Instead of chopping and hurling air at you like conventional fans (ouch! sounds painful!), the Air Multiplier in essence works like a vacuum cleaner in reverse. Air is sucked in the motor base and pushes it up into the ring which rushes out the tiny, millimeter-long slots that run along the circular frame. As the air emerges, it creates a circular low-pressure region that pulls in the air from behind — creating a fairly uniform flow of air through the ring.

Now, if it truly works well, I'd build it into a wall capturing a vignette of the space beyond while cooling off those in front without any knowledge of where that lovely breeze is coming from!

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