Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bath-A-Holics, Unite!
If you’re addicted to the pleasures of a long hot soak in the tub, this post is for you!  Can’t get enough of that bubbly stuff?  Look no further.  Fresh new tub designs from three companies caught my eye this week- take a look.
First, feast your eyes on these Thol tubs.  The high backrest and big-bellied design make it look a bit like a pregnant Viking, but just imagine leaning back in this big beauty to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book- no bath pillow needed!  Looks like a comfy place to soak away your cares…
Via Studio Thol

If you like a sleeker, more contemporary look, check out this clear glass creation by Glass Idromassaggio. There’s also a free-standing concrete tub featured there that I found interesting; a contemporary creation inspired by the sea with fluid lines and a beautiful finish. I found them on the Trendir website, and loved the minimalist feel and elegant lines of these tubs.  
Glass Idromassage via Trendir
Glass Idromassage via Trendir
Want a warmer, more natural look?  Try this new wooden tub from MAAX, a limited edition Viaggi with buttery-smooth curves and a silky finish.  Their free-standing egg-shaped tub is the perfect centerpiece for any master bath, and its natural materials make it a smart choice for eco-conscious designers.   Luxe, yet simple, this versatile creation is well-suited to accompany stone, tile, glass, marble, chrome, and other finishes.
Via Moco Loco

Condor, a French company, specializes in luxurious creations that incorporate non-traditional materials into their tub designs, like leather and wicker.  Their website features some great photos- they’re the Louis Vuitton of tubs.  I particularly liked the “Baignoire Paris,” inspired by a travel trunk.  This gorgeous tub features brass jets and fittings, a removable leather cushion, and is finished with a brass fleur-de-lis.  Bon Voyage!  

Via Condor


  1. i LOVE the wood tub. That bottom photo tub would make me feel like I'm stepping into a suitcase; looks cute, but wouldn't want to be in it. That top one just looks...weird. I'll take the wood tub!

  2. Boy, the wood tub is beautiful. It's takes a really fine craftsman to create a tub like that. Bravo to the man!


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