Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breaking the Concrete Mold

Designer, Fu-Tung Cheng, has changed our attitudes on concrete. He has helped the American public at large view concrete as something beautiful and worthy enough to be on the kitchen counter next to granite. He has written Do-It-Yourself books, designed several concrete fabrication products, sells related products, and even hosts workshops and seminars for the homeowner and the professional on concrete. Cheng believes his chosen medium satisfies a primal human need for solidity. He has even designed a whole home based around concrete. And that is one solid home. Take a look:

The Entrance boasts an extra wide zinc clad door that pivots. Via

The foyer welcomes you with a bright red and yellow wall. Via

The bright colors punctuate the cool interiors. Via

The living room completely opens up to the backyard with a stacking window wall system. Via
The free form pools soften the hard edges of the concrete. Via
To read the whole story visit the link at Custom Home Online. To learn more about concrete and the DIY projects go to Cheng's comprehensive website: Concrete Exchange.


  1. I always thought of concrete in terms of sidewalks, driveways and basements. Fu Tung Chang has opened up a whole new world to me!
    For concrete, now, it's WOW!

  2. I see a lot of this style in California, very cool!


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