Friday, October 15, 2010

Harrowing Halloween!

And, what shall you portray this All Hallows Eve? Horribly hideous or delightfully delicious? If you're at a loss, perhaps these will help spur your imagination . . . 

This is how I felt this morning. Perhaps, I don't need a costume. I might just be ready.

The Mummy. Via Martha Stewart

If you face looked this bad, you wouldn't even have to add bones to your outfit. Just wear black and you're good.

The Skeleton. Via Martha Stewart.

I could not do this. No way. I don't care if they're plastic, with my mice phobia, I can't even pretend. It just creeps me out.

Mice Infestation. Via Martha Stewart

This is just kind of funky and fun.

The Birds Nest. Via Martha Stewart.

. . . or else you could be nostalgic and look toward vintage Halloween attire. If you don't want to actually look bad on Halloween, what about being The Haunting Housewife? Drape yourself in gauze and just add a touch more white powder to your face for a truly ashen appearance.

The Haunting Housewife. Via Country Living

The Mortician is easy to pull off with just a few touches from a vintage clothing and costume store. In the Denver/Boulder area, visit Candy's Vintage Clothing and Costumes for the best selection.

The Mortician. Via Country Living

If you're a gentleman that would like to look dashing, The Count may just be the ticket.

The Count. Via Country Living
Or a Poe inspired, sexy Raven . . .

The Crow. Via Country Living

Candy's Vintage Clothing and Costumes is a treasure trove of old and new costumes, vintage finds, jewelry and accessories to invent your perfect alter ego. Located at 2512 Broadway in Boulder, Colorado, Candy's is a bit vintage in itself, operating in north Boulder for over two decades. You'll find sixties sunglasses, massive dice earrings, fishnet tights, disco shirts, marabou boas, as well as old ball gowns, seventies leather jackets, and ruffled undies. It's the perfect place to rummage through for costumes . . . or just for fun!

Wigs, vintage styled jewelry, and hats crowd Candy's check out counter.

Totally wig out with dozens of styles and colors.

Via Candy's

As a skinny young girl, my mother cut my blonde locks into a pixie to fashion me after Twiggy, the original anorexic looking model of the sixties. Now that I have hair halfway down my back, and weight on my bones because I actually eat (and, quite a bit!), I could never pull off the Twiggy look anymore. But, if you could, one of these suitcases would complete the outfit. Find a round one, and you're golden.

Via Candy's

Visit Candy's! Not in Boulder? Call Jane, the owner, at 303.442.6186 and let her pull together the perfect accessories for you.

Via Candy's

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