Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shower Down on Me

I'm contemplating all of the changes I'd like to do to our bathroom. I should be concentrating on finding just the right baluster for our staircase since that's the project at hand (I hope my husband doesn't read this). But, I'm jumping ahead to the change that will really make a difference in our daily lives - a new, light and bright, clean and crisp bathroom. Now, I have always derived a great deal of satisfaction in cleaning anything chrome. Not that I particularly like chrome; it's the instant gratification that I get when I end up with a bright, gleaming finish after just a few wipes. But what if you didn't see the water spots? What if you didn't have to wipe off those nasty marks everyday? That would be even better. Moma Design's shower head could solve the problem. It is made out of Corian, a solid surface material requiring little maintenance.

What a concept.

I could always find something else to clean.

Docciacqua Via Moma Design

Via Moma Design


  1. If Nintendo's Mario needed a shower head this would be the one. Plus he IS a plumber so he would be able to install it too!

  2. Even fictional characters need to bathe occasionally, no?


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