Monday, October 4, 2010

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Concrete- it's not just for driveways anymore. LiTraCon is the world’s first commercially available translucent concrete, a revolutionary product that combines tiny optic fibers with fine concrete, creating a durable building material that transmits light. Winner of the 2006 Leaf Awards, LiTraCon is amazingly versatile and attractive. What I find incredible is that this cutting edge concrete can still be used to construct load-bearing walls, as well as windows, floors, fine art, lamps, counter-tops, and other contemporary products. I loved the variety of patterns and textures available. Each block is handmade, producing a unique pattern of lighting effects. It’s a unique design solution for city-dwellers who may wish to let in light yet still block out the accompanying ambient noise of traffic. It’s also more heat-efficient, providing more insulation than glass. I’m very excited about this product, and look forward to it spreading across Europe and jumping the wide blue to our shores! Visit their website at for details about this bold, inventive new product.
A partition wall and sunshade in private Budapest homes. Via LiTraCon.
Main reception desk in Corvinus University, Budapest. Via LiTraCon 
via LiTraCon

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