Saturday, October 9, 2010

BOO!!! Halloween Decorating Tricks and Treats

Get into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve with some eerily spooky decorations. Want to transform your home into a haunted house for Halloween? Martha Stewart, as always has hauntingly good ideas (I know, we've all been a bit tired of her for years, but have to admit, she does do a good job in hunting down great displays). Check out what she's pulled together this year.

To begin, start with some creepy invitations. Check out Michael's, Country Living and Martha Stewart for dozens of choices.
Via Country Living and Martha Stewart
Next, turn your home into a haunted mansion with all sorts of bone chilling decorations. Make sure your guests start to tremor the closer to the front door they get. Spreading store purchased spider webs are easy and attach to almost any surface with a small finish nail. Add the plastic spiders that usually accompany the bag of webs. You may find after a few days, as I did, that real spiders enjoy these prefab homes!

Don't forgot to make a sign welcoming, or warning, your visitors. I made this one in a Word document using the free font, The King & Queen, and placing clip art of a haunted house spray glued on foam core.

I’ve been afraid of mice ever since a traumatizing experience as an eleven year involving one getting caught in my hair (I can still feel the little guy swirling around . . . yuk!) These creepy critters are sure to make unwary guests jump . . . and send me screaming bloody murder out of the house! Simply cut out the templates and tape to the wall or along the stairwell to give folks a fright.
Z Gallerie has plenty of the expected black but also the silvery, spooky accessories. Candles give the eerie glow every good haunted house requires. These are a few of my favorite.
Via Z Gallerie
Table top Halloween signs are also easily made although these require having a graphic program such as Adobe Illustrator or something similar. I found a ghost story online, copied it, changed the font to PR Celtic Narrow and placed it on a background the color of an antique, faded document. Next, I wrote out the main word with the beginning letter in the font, A Charming Font, and the remaining characters in the font, The King & Queen, free downloads online. Print on a color printer and spray glue on sheets of 1/2 thick black solid core foam core (available at most art supply stores) and stick a pre-moistened black easel back to stand them up.
Setting up a buffet or wet bar for your Halloween party?  Don’t forget a few magic potions for your guests.  To create the proper effect, take several old-fashioned bottles and fill with water, a little food coloring, and dried poppy pods, coneflower heads, or other dried flowers and herbs.  This simple centerpiece is perfect for a party!  Apothecary jars are available at many home shops including these from Z Gallerie.
Via Martha Stewart and Z Gallerie
Finally, make some ghoulish treats to serve your goblins. Completely eerie and always popular are "Witches Fingers" made out of a typical sugar cookie recipe, hand formed with knuckle wrinkles easily created by scribing with a toothpick. Press in a blanched almond and line with a touch of red decorating gel for a decrepit nail. The "Salted Bones" are Pillsbury crescent rolls sliced in thin strips, the top and bottom rolled over to the side and baked according to package directions. Sprinkle kosher salt immediately upon removing from oven. A healthy treat is "Bloodshot Eyeballs" made out of radishes. Peel portions of the skin to create the bloodshot effect, core a small hole halfway down in the center and fill with a slice of pimento stuffed green olive. Serve on some vintage styled plates.

Serve your favorite squash soup in a hallowed out pumpkin and fill decorated buckets with treats. Check out ARTchix for vintage styled papers and other craft supplies.
Via Country Living and Country Home

Via ARTchix

Bone Appetit!
                                             Look for a post on ghoulish garments next week!


  1. The mice silhouettes are too cool! I might be looking for black paper and scissors.

  2. It makes me want to have a big halloween party!


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