Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seriously Serene Stone and Wood Interiors

Despite the 80 degree weather we had here in Boulder yesterday, I'm no longer in denial. It is finally Fall. Well, actually, it's been Fall for a few weeks but I wasn't able to admit it. I still don't quite crave my sweaters, and, we're going to a neighbor's party this afternoon to celebrate the last hurrah of summer. But, like a cocoon, these serene stone and wood interiors are drawing me into the comforts a home offers during the cold months. They remind me of peaceful evenings, lingering with friends over homemade pasta and waiting for the snowflakes to fall.

Via Mell Lawrence

The simple materials of this kitchen are exquisite. Earthy; yet clean, light and bright.

Via Mell Lawrence

We're updating our Seventies era, golden oak wood floors by staining them a deep "mahoganish/rosewood/brown" color. In order to keep the space open and bright, I want to use lighter colors on the fireplace surround. This is my inspiration. The light, warm tones of the natural materials and simple forms give it a modern, yet timeless appeal.

Via Trendir

Even a large home, a plan this straightforward feels organized and manageable.
Via Trendir

As with all of the other spaces, the exposed structure of the wood ceiling gives an inviting and unpretentious look to this kitchen. This house has a more country feel, but it is still uncomplicated, free of unnecessary adornment.

Via Trendir

On Monday, I'll schedule our floors to be stained a deep brown and get one step closer to a modern, but cozy home. Then, I'll look for my sweaters, pull out my squash ravioli with brown butter sauce recipe, and invite some friends over to linger.

If you want to update your home to be modern, yet inviting, call me and I'll help you achieve the perfect cocoon.

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